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This is a weekly podcast with our group talking about local, regional, and national EMS issues. Physicians, nurses, and EMS providers will gain professional knowledge from this podcast. 

New episodes of the Prehospital Paradigm Podcast are released every Monday.  In addition, you will find show notes, both audio and video products, and links to services or devices discussed in the podcast. The video of each podcast is on the YouTube channel.

The first three Mondays of each month are pre-recorded episodes.  The fourth week’s episode is a live show where you can interact and ask questions on Facebook and YouTube.  The live show will be available on your favorite podcast app as soon as humanly possible.

Have A Question You Want Answered?

If you can't tune into the live show the fourth Monday of each month and you have a question you want answered, we have you covered. We plan to have some bonus episode every few months where we answer all of your questions. Click here to send us your question

Upcoming Episodes

Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence 

With Dr. Stephanie Gaines and Jennifer Moreland RN

April 1 - Part 1 

April 8 - Part 2

April 15 - Part 3

April 22 - Part 4 LIVE! 1900 Facebook and YouTube - Join us and ask real time questions

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