The Studio

"Studio 51"

With hijacked office space in the UHEMS garage complex which is colloquially known as "area 51" the team set out to create their vision of the EMS podcast studio. Originally conceived as all online collaboration, its was evident quickly that the scope of what they wanted to produce required a fixed location. The first pass was bare bones, just enough to make the pilot look and feel interesting enough to get buy in from the hospital. Since then, continuous upgrades have been made in both the aesthetics as well as the technology in the studio. 

The Current Studio

Current layout from the "working end" of the table

Far wall with display and demo equipment

Near wall with display and demo equipment

The current mixing "board" and streaming control

The Evolution

Caleb sets up the backdrop

Original Space with appropriated shelves and props

First studio table, a discrded bistro table with larger top added to get us started

Room draped with black backdrop

A bunch of history in studio; a Lifepak 5, Lifepak 10, Lifepak 11, and a Lifepak 12

Arts and crafts time - Airway display board

Arts and crafts time - VL Display board

Arts and crafts time - Surgical airway and trach display board

First big upgrade - Rodecaster Pro II

Second big upgrade - ATEM Video Switcher

Adding monitors for working side video and streaming

Ipads for the Hosts

The beginnings of the "console"

Adding streaming computer

Adding some seats, rather than standing

Really taking shape

Outgrowing the bistro table

Studio table 2.0 in process

Vast improvement, so much more space and legs fit underneath

Second computer to run the advanced video switcher functions

Headsets rather than desk mikes for guys who bang on the table too much

Rear mic and video station added when the producer wants to chime in

Finally time to correct our lighting issues

A little backlighting for accent is a nice touch

We use a H2R Graphics for our live stream overlays

We bring in live comments to our overlay using Social Stream by Steve Seguin

Special thanks to Stryker who provided this demo prop unit Lifepak 15 for the studio

Challenge coins for our guests

New chairs for the table, the old ones were squeaky and uncomfortable

Dimmable overhead LED lighting that can be controlled from the board

New 12 channel mixer board

The Mobile Studio

Beginning in 2024 we have taken the podcast on the road for the live podcast episode. Here is the evolution of the equipment we put together for the live offsite show.

Scott and John figure out how to piece it together for use on the road

Mad scientist at work

Straight forward

Initial work getting the devices into cases for transportation

First pass with the audio case with room for the wireless access  point to come later

First pass of the computer, video switcher, and router case

Setup at the first  off-site event

The first off-site event

Sponsorship for the Podcast! All live episodes will be streamed on the Firstnet system

Sponsorship for the Podcast! All live episodes will be streamed on the Firstnet system utilizing Cradlepoint devices

Cradlepoint Router on the Firstnet system streaming all the content

Cradlepoint and Firstnet in action!