Episode 27 - The Surgical Airway

Episode 27 - The Surgical Airway


September 2024


Dr. John Hill

Scott Wildenheim

Caleb Ferroni

Ray Pace

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Summary: In this episode, we dive into the critical and high-stakes world of surgical airway management. Our discussion focuses on needle cricothyrotomy, cricothyrotomy kits, and the essential skills and protocols for performing surgical cricothyrotomy. We explore the scenarios where these techniques become necessary, the tools required, and the step-by-step procedures. Our expert panel shares their experiences, best practices, and the importance of proper training and preparation.

Key Topics:

The Protocols

From The Episode

Caleb demonstrates ventilation through a surgical cric

Dr. Hill demonstrates inserting a bougie after performing a cric

Ray describes techniques for pediatric airway

Scott demonstrates proper insertion of the Quick Trach