Continuing Education Credit

EMS Documentation and Communication CE

As we announced on our live show, we think there is great value in everyone watching the EMS Documentation and Communication podcast so we have created EMS continuing education credits for you to get on FireRescue1 Academy. We are currently working on a program to offer continuing education credits to all our listeners in the United States but want to at least offer this opportunity to our departments under University Hospitals EMS Medical Control. You will need a login to FireRescue1 Academy. If you do not have one, reach out to your EMS coordinator in your agency.

FireRescue1 Acadamy is a learning management system that provides training and continuing education credits for both EMS and Fire. All EMS courses are approved for credit by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) and fire courses follow and meet NFPA standards.

There should be 3 courses listed, one for each part of the episode. After starting the course you will be presented with the written show notes also available on this website. The menu on the left will allow you to watch the video or listen to the audio-only version. If you have already watched or listened to the episode you can skip directly to the quiz using the menu on the left.. You must answer at least 3 of the questions correctly to receive credit. 

Having difficulty finding the courses on FireRescue1 Acadamy?

If you do not see the courses listed above then you will need to switch the organization on FireRescue1 Acadamy. To do this follow the screenshots below. Click on the Department/Organization name in the upper right-hand corner and then click on University Hospitals Cleveland CE. You should then see the 3 courses shown above. 

Still can't find the courses on FireRescue1 Acadamy?

Log into FireRescue1 Acadamy. 

Make sure University Hospitals Cleveland CE is selected in the upper right corner.

Select Training on the menu then select My Organization's Course.

Select Training on the menu then select My Organization's Course.

Type podcast in the serch field.